Shalom! Thank you for visiting the Promise Church website.
There is a saying that “when a person meets a person, works are accomplished, and when a person meets God, miracles are accomplished.” I hope that today’s meeting through cyberspace will be the welcome of God’s blessings that will pour out into your life from now on. During your stay on this site, inspiring Pentecostal sermons and praise, a dynamic partnership to restore the homogeneity of faith between parents and the next generation, and above all, the 4/14 Window Movement, which is now drawing attention as a new global mission strategy. I pray that God will receive great grace and challenge as he examines the extraordinary ministries he is performing in all parts of the world through our ordinary church.

담임목사 소개

허연행 목사 (경기도 안성 태생)
In January 2018, Inaugurated as the senior pastor of Promise Church
2013-2017 프라미스교회 수석부목사
2007-2012 Atlanta Antioch Church (Currently Atlanta Promise Church) Senior Pastor
1999-Present Adjunct Professor, New York Theological Seminary
1995-2007 Associate Pastor of Promise Church

Graduated in Incheon Jemulpo High School graduation (21st)
Graduated in Seoul National University, Department of English Education
Presbyterian University Theological Seminary (M.Div)
Drew Theological Seminary (S.T.M.)
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Charlotte Campus (D. Min. candidate)

Church History

Since 1973

Glad Tidings Tabernacle

What is History? This is His story. In other words, history is the trace of God’s own work, who is present in history. Looking at the history of Israel, we find that the history of the chosen people and the history of the temple have always been in the same ark. This is a powerful testimony that God is the one who works at the center of the temple on which His name is placed on the earth. Now, if we organize the footsteps of the 40-year language of our church around the history of the temple, it can be divided into three major periods as follows.

1973. 4. Preparatory prayer meeting for the founding of the church begins (Rev. Namsoo Kim’s first visit to the US)
1975.12.20 Established Full Gospel New York Church and inaugurated as Pastor Sung-Kwang Kim
(In the American Church at 33 St. W. 8 Ave. Glad Tidings Tabernacle, Manhattan)
1976.10.31 First Installation Ceremony (Elders: Kim Byeong-soo, Kim Yun-cheol, Jeong Su-il, Lim Dong-hwan)
1977. 9.17 Pastor Namsoo Kim was appointed as the 2nd senior pastor
1977. 11. Publication of the newsletter “Full Gospel Times”
AM1330khz Radio Gospel Broadcasting Start
1978. 2. Established Full Gospel Seminary
1979. 5. Installation Ceremony (Elder: Yong-Bok Kim, Inauguration of Elders: Seung-Man Kim, Sun-Young Joo
Deacons ordained: Sang-woo Han, Ki-hee Ki, and Dong-won Kang)
1981.11.22 Installation Ceremony (Elders Jang Dongwon Kang, Kwanhee Lee, Sangwoo Han, Sunhoo Joo, Seokyoon Jang
Inauguration of elders: Jiwon Kang, Daebong Oh)
1982.11.1 Installation Ceremony (Deacons ordained: Younghyo Jung, Kyunghwan Kim, Changil Kim, Sunyoung Lee, Seok Lee, Wonho Choi)
1982.11.3 Korean language school opened, faith magazine “Diaspora” launched
1983. 6. Purchased Manhattan 50 Street construction site,
Installation Ceremony (Inauguration of Elder: Chun-Taek Kim; Deacons: Dongho Choi, Suyoung Kang, Gungwoong Byun, Ilhong Choi, Horim Lee,
Lim Joo-sun, Kwon Do-sang)
1983.12.25 Dedication Ceremony for the Hebron Welfare Center
1985.12.8 Installation Ceremony (Retired Pastor: Ki-Won Jung, Retired Elder: Yong-Bok Kim
Inauguration of Elder: Lim Joo-sun, Lee Jong-geun
Deacons ordained: Baek-ryeon Kim, Jeong-yoon Shin, Jae-wan Park
Senoir Deaconess ordained: Hyunae Oh, Chabok Lee, Geumok Lee, Heeok Jang, Gyuryun Lee, Geumjo Park, Jeongsoon Lee, Eopbi Lee)
1988. 4. Purchased the 5th floor building of Full Gospel Mission Center
(Manhattan 140 W. 36 St.)
1988.12. Installation Ceremony (Elders Jang Jeongwon Kang, Ilhong Choi, Jaesang Yang, Wonho Choi, Kunwoong Byun, Horim Lee
Deacon ordained: Lee Su-dong, Yun Yong-han, Ahn Byung-sang, Lee Jae-wook, Myung Rae-sik
Deacon ordained: Hwang Il-young)
1992. 4. Closing the purchase of Queens Temple
Parking capacity of 500 vehicles on the 4.85 Acres site)
1992.11.1 First Sunday worship service at Queens Temple
1992.12.20 Installation Ceremony (Elders: Moon-Yeop Paik, Min-Hwan Kim, Do-sang Kwon; elected as Elders: Byung-Soo Kim
Inauguration of cooperative elder: Kim Gum-gun
Deacons ordained: Dae-gyu Lim, Eon-joong Joo, Eui-ho Heo, Dong-mook Kim, Seong-ho Choi, Yoon-soo Park, Hyeok-do Kwon, Jae-rin Ha, Jong-yeol Park, Myung-soo Kim,
Han Jeong-min, Lee Hyeong-bok, Jung Won-tae, Joo-soon, Jeon Hee-cheol, Yoo Jae-gyu, Joo Myeon-jung, Han Dong-hee, Yoo Gwang-taek, Hwang Man-ki, Kwak Yoon-tae,
Baek Jun-seong, Eo Yun-ho, Lee Byeong-hee, Shin Sang-sik, Choi Don-hyun, Kang Jong-geun, Kim Gap-soo, Kang Young-rin
Deacon ordained: Byunghong Kim
Senior Deaconess ordained: Geumran Hong, Ohhee Kwon, Junghye Park, Bonghee Seo, Heeha Lee, Soonseop Choi, Risun Kim, Daesim Baek, Eunsoon Song, Yonghee Kim,
Oh Hye-ri, Baek Character, Yoo Young-ju, Bang Ok-bun, Hong Ae-ki, Kim Gwang-ja, Shin Gyeong-sook, Moon Myo-hyun, Kim Byeong-soon, Choi Sang-hyun, Kim Young-ja,
Lee Jung-hee, Goo Return, Kang Gyeong-ja, Kang Ok-hee, Oh Young-hee, Shin Soon-ok, Cho Soon-hwa, Hong Bok-seon, Kang Bok-soon, Choi Hwa-ja, Kim Won-bok,
Kim Chang-yeol, Jo Hee-ryeon, Kim Pyeong-sook, Yoo Jin-hyuk, Son Seong-hee, Kim Haeng-i, Jang Haengja, Baek Sun-Bun, Han Su-nam, Kim Hak-shim)
1993. 9.3 Lay Christian Bible College (currently Promise Bible College) opened
1994. 6.19 Installation Ceremony (Elder Jang: Hwang Il-young, Co-Op Elder: Kim Young-rak)
1994. 6.23 TV simultaneous video worship service between Queens, Manhattan begins
(Sunday 1st service, Friday service)
1997. 3.30 Installation Ceremony (Deacons: Deacon Kang Deok-gyo, Kang Seong-soon, Koo Ja-hak, Kwon Young-chi, Kim Sang-myeong, Kim Jong-bok, Kim Tae-ho, Park Hee-do,
Shin Park-ho, Lee Kun-jung, Lee Wan-woo, Lee Yong-chan, Lee Jung-ki, Lim Il-jin, Jang Se-chan, Jo Seung-dong, Jo In-hwa, Cho Hyeong-seop,
Man-woong Man, Hong-sun Choi
Installation of Senior Deaconess: Mihwa Kang, Soonae Kang, Imsoon Kwon, Kyungae Kim, Gosoon Kim, Myungja Kim, Seonghwa Kim, Suja Kim,
Kim Soon-rye, Kim Soon-ja, Kim Young-ja, Kim Won-nim, Kim Jeom-rye, Kim Jeong-ok, Kim Jeong-ok 2, Kim Hyeong-ok, Kim Hwa-ja, Min Bong-ae,
Park Gyu-young, Park Ma-ja, Park Bok-rae, Ban Sun-young, Park Yang-ja, Park Ok-rye, Park Hee-geun, Baek Ok-bun, Baek Hyang-suk,
Bok-hee Seo, Ok-i Son, Jong-soon Shim, Eun-ye Eo, Jong-soon Um, Jeong-sook Yoo, Soon-Im Yoon, Soon-hee Yoon, Yang-soon Yoon, Jeong-yeol Yoon,
Lee Kook-young, Lee Gil-ja, Lee Dong-hee, Lee Bok-rim, Lee Bong-tae, Lee Soon-ok, Lee Young-sook, Ki-Soon Ki, Lim Jeong-ok, Lim Jong-hee,
Im Hol-gil, Jang Woo-rye, Jang Hee-ju, Jeon Pil-rye, Jeon Tae-im, Jung Mi-kyung, Soo-ja, Jo Mal-jae, Jo Ju-won, Cha Young-ok,
Choi Kyung-moon, Choi Won-soon, Choi Jong-hwan, Choi Jin-won, Choi Helena, Han Sang-i, Han Ha-young, Han Hwa-ok, Hong Soon-bok, Hong Hwa-soon,
Hwiok Hong, Myeongbok Hwang)
1997.12.31 Installation Ceremony (Senior Deaconess: Kwon Soon-ho, Kwon Tae-im, Kim Gyeong-ja, Kim Nam-yoon, Kim Ma-ja, Kim Bun-ok, Kim Seong-mo, Kim Soo-bok,
Kim Soon-deok, Kim Young-ju, Park Gap-bok, Park Hye-ri, Byeon Bo-kyung, Son Su-jeon, Son Young-hyun, Song Bong-ik, Ahn Bong-suk, Oh Sook-ja,
Lee Sook-hee, Jang Moon-hee, Jung Woo-bun, Jeong Choong-ja, mediator, Ha Geum-seok, Hong Jeong-woo)
1998. 4.12 Installation Ceremony (Elders: Youngdae Kim, Jungyoon Shin, Byeongsang Ahn, Hyungbok Lee, Myungsoo Kim
Deacons ordained: Kang Tae-kwon, Kim Dong-jun, Kim Hyung-joong, Park Won-hee, Bang Yun-geun, Song Byeong-kwon, Shin Young-sik, Shim Kun-seop,
Oh Seok-woon, Lee Sang-soo)
1998. 8.2 New York City (BSA) grants permission to repurpose to church
1999. 1. Declaration of conversion to lay ministry and start of sponsorship for children in need
(Partnership: AG Mission Mercy)
Separation of New Joy Fellowship Church for English-speaking young people in Manhattan
(Co-pastors: Jeonggyu Choi, Bonjun Koo, and Bumjun Jeong)
1999. 12.5 Mission of Mercy Over 1,000 underprivileged children Thanksgiving service
1999.12.28 Installation Ceremony (Elder General: Joo Myeon-jung; Cooperative Elder Inauguration: Kim Chang-il
Deacons ordained: Kang Chang-soon, Kong Byeong-hee, Kwon Tae-soo, Kim Jong-young, Kim Chul-hoo, Kim Heung-jae, Noh Seung-beom, Park Min-soo,
Park Hee-sik, Seong-Seung, Seong-Hwan-ho, Ahn Byung-ok, Lee Seon-gu, Lee Jung-ho, Jeong Moon-soo
Inauguration of Deacons: Bong Yong-ki, Lee Chang-yeon; Kwon’s offices: Sunkyu Gal, Grace Kang, Pilsoon Kang, Sanghee Kwak,
Myung-sook Kwon, Kyung-sook Kim, Gye-yoon Kim, Ki-deok Kim, Gwi-ja Kim, Bok-hee Kim, Soon-bun Kim, Yeon-ja Kim, Jae-soon Kim
Jaejeon Kim, Jeongsoon Kim, Seobun Noh, Yeong Park, Jeongsoon Park, Hoyeon Park, Seonchun Island, Gapshin Shin, Hyeja Yang, Seunghwan Oh,
Yoon Ok-soo, Yoon Hee-ok, Lee Myung-ryong, Lim Nan-young, Lim Jeong-won, Ye Tae-young, Jeong Byeong-sang, Jung Ae-kyung, Jung Young-ja,
Jeong Hyo-soon, Cho Jae-ryeon, Jo Jung-sook, Jo Jeong-soon, Joo Seon-ok, Joo Jeong-suk, Ji Soon-ja, Cha Hyun-ja, Choi Gye-ok, Choi Seong-geun,
Choi Chung-sil, Han Hyeong-soon, Heo Text, Heo Ok-soon, Hong Young-ja, Hwang Young-ja, Hwang Woo-bun)
2000. 6.18-20 The 1st New York Ecclesia Retreat (Men)
2000. 6.25-27 The 1st New York Ecclesia Retreat (Women)
2000. 9. Opening of Full Gospel Christian School (the first Korean church attached to the eastern part of the United States)
2000. 12.10 Full Gospel Family Praise Festival to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the foundation (Queen’s College Coldden Center)
2001. 6.27 New York BSA approved for renovation of Queens Temple
2001. 9.30 New Chapel Architecture Groundbreaking Service
2002. 2.3 Relocated to the Manhattan Place of Worship (40W, 68 St, New York, NY 10023
New York Prep. School Auditorium)
2002. 5. Installation Ceremony (Elder retired: Oh Dae-bong; Elder Jang: Kim Dong-mook, Joo Eon-joong, Huh Eui-ho
Inauguration of cooperative elders: Yeonchang Kim, Jongseok Kim, Subin Shin, Hankyo Jang, Ilbong Hwang
Deacons ordained: Kim Kyung-woong, Kim Kwan-yu, Kim Byeong-taek, Kim Young-ho, Kim Young-hwan, Park Yoon-jae, Park Lee-hak, Shin Geun-ho,
Edward Lu, Ongyu-du, Yoo Il-yong, Yoo Jung-hyun, Yoon Yong-wook, Yoon Jeong-cheol, Lee Kun-woo, Lee Moon-seong, Lee Yong-chan,
Jaemyung Lee, Daesung Jung, Sangyeol Ance, Geunkyu Jin, Sungsik Choi, Pung Choi, Jaeseon Ha, Syngman Han
Deacon inauguration: Go Young-myeon, Lee Ki-seok, Lee Ki-young, Lee Soo-bu)
2003. 1. Adoption of one country in Latin America for each diocese begins
2003. 3. Opened El Castanoe Elementary School in Honduras (24 acres, the first school in an overseas mission field)
2003. 8.3 Entered the Bethlehem Chapel (gym)
2003. 8.10 Installation Ceremony (Elders: Deok-gyo Kang, Gap-soo Kim, Jun-seong Paik, Park-ho Shin, Sang-sik Shin, Jae-gyu Yoo,
Choi Seong-ho, Ha Jae-rin
Deacons ordained: Kang Young-soon, Kang Yong-gu, Kim Ki-seong, Kim Seong-tae, Kim Jeong-yeol, Kim Hyeong-seok, Na Gyeong-sik, Park Gye-geun,
Park Jung-ryeon, Seo Young-ju, Song Moo-jo, Song Sang-gyu, Yoon Deok-shin, Lee Seong-hun, Lee Jeong-jin, Jang Seong-soo, Jeong Yeon-taek,
So-Hyun Cho, Woo-Jun Choi, Won-Moo Heo, Seung-Chang Hong; Kwon’s appointments: Mikyung Kang, Seongsun Kang, Jinsil Kang, Gwangja Koo,
Gong Sun-i, Kim Gyeong-ja, Kim Kwan-hwa, Kim Soon-nam, Kim Ok-soon, Kim Eun-soo, Kim Chun-hee, Kim Hyun-ja, Kim Hwa-ja,
Youngja Moon, Noup Park, Chunja Park, Seongnam Seok, Geumsuk Shin, Sumiza Shin, Shinhwaja, Seungrye Yang, Gyesun Oh,
Myung-sook Oh, Geum-ja Lee, Yeon-deok Lee, Yun-ja Lee, Jung-ae Lee, Hye-sook Lee, Hye-sook Lee, Jeong-sook Jeong, Jeong-ja Jeong,
Jong-yeon Jeong, Eun-ju Joo, Young-ja Choi, Ye-jin Choi, Woo-nyeo Choi, Jae-hee Ha, Ju-sun Ha, Ye-young Heo
Inauguration of Senior Deaconess : Sook-Hyun Park, Jeong-Hwa Seo, Hyesop Jang, Soon-ae Jeon)
2004. 1.6 Pastor Nam-soo Kim received the National Merit, Camellia Medal
2004. 2.1 Groundbreaking service for the Jerusalem Temple
2004. 4.22 Musical “The Promise” premiered in Korea (Seoul Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium)
2004. 12.19 Entrance service to the Jerusalem Chapel
2005. 1.2 Adult Sunday Bible study started
2005. 1.9 Jerusalem Chapel dedication service and appointment ceremony
Installation Ceremony : Kong Byung-hee, Kim Jong-bok, Kim Jong-young, Kim Chul-hoo, Eo Yun-ho, Oh Seok-woon, Lee Yong-chan, Lee Jung-ho, Choi Heung-seon
Deacons ordained: Kwak Yonggi, Kwon Kwang-yeol, Kwon Young-ham, Kim Nam-gyun, Kim Dae-won, Kim Won-seok, Kim Eun-sik, Kim Jang-hoon
Kim Jae-ryong, Kim Jong-cheol, Moon Jun-i, Min Joong-ki, Park Byeong-ok, Park Ji-ho, Baek Chang-geun, Seo Beom, Seok Beom-jing, Seo Seong-mo,
Jaeyong Oh, Kanggil Lee, Gilbu Lee, Deokju Lee, Sangju Lee, Seongbong Lee, Hakyeol Lee, Hakyong Lee, Jaewon Jang, Ilpil Jeon,
Jeong In-ju, Han Jeong-jin
Installation Ceremony of Senior Deaconess: Kang Seon-young, Kwon Mal-soon, Kwon In-deok, Kim Gyun-ja, Kim Bok-jin, Kim Sook-hee, Kim Young-soon, Kim Yu-ja,
Gilah No, Bokyeon Park, Youngyoung Park, Jonghwa Baek, Sunghee Sung, Bokhee Song, Hyojin Shim, Gyeongran Yoo, Gyeongran Lee, Gyeongsoon Lee
Lee Gyu-yeol, Lee Seong-sil, Lee Young-hee, Lee Jung, Lee Jong-sook, Lee Hyun-sook, Lee Hye-ok, Lim Hyun-ok, Jung Ok-soon, Jeong Chun-ja,
Cho Seong-ok, Joo Myung-keun, Cheong Hyun-hee, Choi Im-seon, Choi Chun-hee, Han Soon-young)
2005. 3. New York premiere of musical “The Promise” (Jerusalem Temple)
2005. 8. 1st Atlanta Ecclesia Retreat Support
2005. 12.18 30th anniversary service and retirement ceremony
2005. 12.17-25 Musical “The Promise” 1, 2, 6 performances
2006. 3.26 Start of Grace Ministries for the American Congregation under PMI
(Rev. Pete Richardson)
2006. 4. Purchased prayer hall (Liberty, New York)
2006. 4. Opened Andrew Clinic in El Castano, Honduras (Nuga Mission)
2007. 1. Commencement of’a meal of love’ alcohol offering for missions
2007. 4.1-4 The 1st Youth Ecclesia Retreat in New York begins
2008. 4. Declaration of “Rescue 185” Operation Order (Ecclesiastical Aircraft Carrier, Team Ministry)
2008. 4. Manhattan site’s first self-contained worship service (316 E. 91St.)
2009. 2. Changed the name to Promise Church (used in parallel with the former Full Gospel New York Church)
2009. 2. Installation Ceremony (Elder: Noh Seung-beom, Yoon Jeong-cheol; Deacons ordained: Kang Kang, Kim Gil-yong, Kim Byeong-eun
Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Seung-jin, Kim Heung-sik, Kim Hoe-jin, Park Beom-ryul, Park Seung-jo, Baek Seung-hun, Seo Hyun-cheol, Son Moon-Dal,
Song Seop, Ahn Sung-hee, Oh Moon-yong, Yoo Chang-jun, Yoon Jong-gap, Lee Myung-woo, Lee Sang-jin, Lee Young-gil, Lee Woo-sam, Lee Ju-hong,
Hyeokjin Lee, Hoyoung Lee, Seungjun Lim, Minsoo Jang, Hakyeol Jang, Jongsoo Jeon, Gwangho Choi, Seongwoo Choi, In Choi, Chulhwan Choi,
Hong Moon-sik, Hong-wook
Senoir Deaconess: Gwangja Kang, Youngsuk Kang, Jukhee Kang, Jeonghwa Jeong, Hyeryeong Ko, Gwiok Kim, Myungsoon Kim, Myungja Kim,
Kim Sun-ok, Kim Soo-hee, Kim Sook-ja, Kim Young-sook, Kim Young-sil, Kim Young-ja, Kim Young-ja, Kim Young-hwa, Kim Ok-kyung,
Eunyoung Kim, Jeongdeok Kim, Jeongsim Kim, Jeomye Kim, Jeongja Kim, Junsoon Kim, Hyunjung Kim, Hyekyung Kim, Hyein Kim,
Nam Hye-sook, Min Yeon-ok, Park Myung-sook, Park Soon-bong, Park Cho-ja, Park Hee-soon, Park Jeong-ja, Seo Jeong-suk, Seo Han-ta,
Gyeongnam Seok, Soja Song, Mija Shin, Soonnyeo Shim, Myungsun Ahn, Jongbun Yang, Yongsoon Oh, Jeongil Oh, Chunok Oh,
Gwi-ja On, Yoo Ki-sun, Yu Seung-hee, Yoo Won-ae, Yoon Gyeong-hee, Lee Gyeong-ok, Lee Myung-hee, Lee Mi-bok,
Bok-hee Lee, Sook-Ja Lee, Ok-soon Lee, Im-soon Lee, Jeong-soon Lee, Hyun-suk Lee, Hyun-ja Lee, the king, Min-ja Im,
Lim Hyun-ja, Jang Gwi-rye, Jang Dan-shim, Jeon Jeon Deok, Jeong Ok-soon, Jo Mi-mi, Jo Young-ran, Choi Sun-ja, Choi Soo-hee,
Young-hee Choi, Choong-ok Choi, Hyun-hwa Choi, Hyeop-Hyeon Ha, Gyeong-soon Ha, Young-sook Han, Young-Sook Soo, Sung-Sook Hyun, Young-ran Hyun,
Hong Gyeong-ok, Hong Soon-ae, Hong Yang-hui, Hong Joy)
2009. 6. Jun-gu Memorial School Completion Ceremony (St. Domingo, Dominican Republic)
2009. 9.6-8 Held the 1st 4/14 Windows Global Summit (368 leaders from 68 countries attended)
2009.11. New York Power House Ministry (Saturday Free Children’s Mission Project) started
2009.12. Installation Ceremony (Retired elders: Ahn Byeong-sang, Choi Won-ho; retired elders: Yang Jae-sang, Eo Yun-ho
Inauguration of cooperative elders: Kim Jin-ho, Kim Ho-yeon, Kim Hong-jin, Mok Jin-hoo, Paik Moon-ki, Ye Jun-seop, Hong Jae-kwang
Elders: Go Young-myeon, Seong Hwan-seung, Yoo Il-yong, Yoo Jung-hyun, Lee Jung-jin, Lee Chang-yeon, Jo In-hwa, Han Syngman
Deacons ordained: Ki-won Kang, Dong-gyu Kim, Woo-cheol Kim, Jong-eun Kim, Jun-cheol Noh, Byeong-ju Bae, Jae-ho Shin, Yeol Ki,
Seok Oh, Hyunjin Oh, Heungjun Yoo, Joo Lim, Insoo Jo, Insik Jo, Youngki Joo, Byunghee Choi, Yongwoon Ha, Jin Heo,
Hyun Seung-ho, Hong Bu-ik
Senior Deaconess: In-hee Kang, Young-hee Kwon, Hosoon Kwon, Yeon-jeong Gil, Myung-hee Kim, Seong-ja Kim, Young-hee Kim, Jeong-ok Kim,
Kim Jin-suk, Kim Chun-ja, Kim Hee-ja, Nam Hwa-suk, Noh Gil-jun, Park Jeong-suk, Seo Jeong-jae, Song Ki-soon, Shin Young-ok,
Shin Chul-suk, Oh Young-suk, Yoo Young-ja, Lee Kyung-hee, Lee Myung-ja, Lee Soon-ok, Lee Jong-sook, Lee Hye-sook, Lee Hwa-sol,
Jang Mija, Jeon Okkyung, Jeong Songja, Jo Mija, Chosunhee, Jo Youngim, Choi Gyeongchun, Choi Mija, Han Sookja,
Eunki Hyun)
2010. 6. The 1st New York Kids Ecclesia Retreat begins
2010. 9. The 2nd 4/14 Windows Global Summit (800 attendees from 86 countries)
2011. 6. The 1st soccer mission (Nicaragua, El Salvadol, Guatemala, Honduras, etc., Central and South America
5 stadiums in 4 countries, evangelized to 100,000 children)
2011. 7. Musical “His Life” African performance
(6 performances in Ethiopia, 7 performances in Tanzania, 100,000 children attended)
2011.12. Musical “His Life” 2nd performance in New York (6,000 visitors)
2013. 2. 2nd soccer mission (Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador
9 stadiums in 4 countries, evangelized to 300,000 children)
2013. 5.21-24 Support for the 1st Mexican Ecclesia Retreat (Tuxtla, Mexico)
2013. 6.30-7.3 Support for the 1st European Ecclesia Retreat (Vienna Full Gospel Church, Austria)
2014. 1. The 3rd soccer mission (7 cities in Venezuela, Cucuta, Colombia, etc.)
Eight stadiums in South America, evangelized to 250,000 children
2014. 2.14-16 Musical “His Life” Colombian Cucuta performance (35,000 children watched)
2014. 8.5-10 Special delivery to the United Choir at the invitation of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the AG denomination
(Springfield, MO)
2014. 8.15-17 Musical “His Life” first performance in China (Hang Zhou, 25,000 visitors)
2014. 8.21-24 Musical “His Life” Busan Performance (KBS Hall, 6th)
2014.10.10-16 4/14 Windows New York Conference held
(Topic: Towards the Best Practice)
2015.04.12 The appointment ceremony for the 40th anniversary of the founding
Youngju Seo, Seongbong Lee, Hakyeol Sang
Inauguration of cooperative elders: Taehyun Nam, Yongbae Park, Kisoo Song, Myungseok Lee, Jungbok Lee, Hyeonggeun Lee, Jungeun Choi
Deacons ordained: Kinam Kim, Dowon Kim, Baekjun Kim, Byungki Kim, Booyoung Kim, Sangtae Kim, Sanghyun Kim, Seongtae Kim,
Sehong Kim, Insik Kim A, Insik Kim B, Hakno Kim, Jaeyoon Park, Deokgi Song, Dongwook Shin, Minsu Shin, Seongbeom Yee,
Yun Eun-sik, Lee Gong-yong, Lee Do-kyung, Lee Dong-hyung, Lee Pyeong-eun, Lee Ho-pil, Lee Heung-ju, Lim Sun-hyung, Lim Seon-ho,
Ikjae Lim, Hyunsu Lim, Jaewon Jang B, Lee Chang Jung, Heonwook Jung, Huyang Jung, Yunseong Jo, Changkwon Cho, Jusang Cha,
Youngjin Choi, Jiwoong Choi, Gwangmu Heo, Heungseop Hwang
Installation of Senoir Deaconess: Shinja Kang, Jaeyoung Ko, Gwangim Kwon, Pyeongsoon Geum, Mikyung Kim, Miok Kim, Minja Kim, Malnam Kim,
Kim Soo-jan, Kim Young-ja, Kim Yoo-bok, Kim Jae-seon, Kim Jeong-im, Kim Jong-mi, Kim Jong-im, Kim Hyun-suk, Kim Hye-jeong,
Jeongja Nam, Jeongsoon Moon, Eunse Min, Myunghee Park, Mija Park, Soje Park, Youngja Park, Hwajin Bang, Kwanghee Bae,
Bae Manja, Baek Heung-sik, Baek Hee-jin, Byun Jeong-ok, Bong Gyeong-ja, Bong Bok-hee, Seo Eun-suk, Seo In-hwa, Seok Eun-jung,
Sung Hye-gyeong, Son Mi-gyeong, Lee Hae-rye, Yoon Gyeong-hee, Dong-gu Lee, Lee Myung-hee, Lee Ae-soon, Lee Jeong-sun, Lee Jung-hee,
Hoyoung Lee, Okran Lim, Myungja Jang, Kyungsook Jung, Sangrak Jung, Hyesuk Jung, Jeonghwasun, Deungja Cho, Jiyeon Jo,
Cho Hye-ryeon, Choi Gwi-ja, Choi Esther, Choi Eun-mo, Choi Jong-sok, Ha Young-shin, Hong Jae-kyung, Hong Jeong-mi, Hong Hye-kyung,
Hwang Soon-hae, Hwang Young-soon)
2015.07.1 Shipped the 1st solar light container (13,000 units) to Tanzania, Africa
2015.07.15-19 Musical “His Life” Singapore performance (8 performances in 5 days, 40,000 viewers)
2015.07.19-22 1st Korea Ecclesia (Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do)
2015.12.20 40th anniversary service and retirement ceremony for elders
(Jaegyu Yoo, Jongbok Kim, Heungseon Choi, Jeongho Lee, Employment-myeon)
2015.12.31 Celebrating the 40th anniversary, the 1st Chorus Festival
2016.05. Togo, Bukina Faso leader conference and solar delivery
2016.11. (Man) Sale of the Manattan Chapel building ($11.1M)
2016.11. 4/14W Foundation NY Inc. Opening of the office
2017.03.19 Hispanic Sunday
2017.04.12-16 Musical His Life first performance in Europe (Zaragoza, Spain)
2017.07.1-8 First soccer mission in Africa (3 stadiums in Zanziba and Tanzania)
2017.09.17 Thanksgiving service for the 42nd anniversary of the founding of the church and the 40th anniversary of the senior pastor’s service
2017.09.24 General council (88.12% agreed to succeed Rev. Ben Y. Hur)
2017.11.10-12 4/14W Children’s Ministry Training Conference held (202 participants from 22 countries)
2017.12.15 General council
(Church Constitution Amendment and Manual Book, Officer Voting, Atlanta Temple Independence Case)
2018.01.7 Appointing Nam-soo Kim as emeritus Pastor and Rev. Ben Y. Huh as the 3rd Senior Pastor
2018.03.25 Multi-ethnic Sunday worship service (Korean, English, Western, Chinese)
2018.04.1 Installation Ceremony
Elders: Won-Seok Kim, Seung-Hoon Baek, Jong-Kap Yoon, In Choi, Chul-Hwan Choi, Han Han-Jin
Cooperative Elders: Kihwan Kim, Jongok Kim, Hyesoon Bae, Haewoong Ahn, Sunhwa Oh, Youngbok Lee
Deacon ordiained: Kang Yun-seok and 22 others
Senior Deaconess: Kye-hee Kang and 75
2018.05.9-10 Queen & NJ Mother Prayer Meeting started
2018.07.1-4 The 2nd Family Retreat (Lecturer: Pastor Kyung-dong Jang) @Honor’s Haven Resort
2018.06~08 Special Friday Prayer Meeting for “River of Living Water”
2018.07.12-15 Africa Kenya Hizlife Mission
2018.07.14-21 Mexico soccer mission (3 cities)
2018.08.15-19 Special lecture in Hebrew and a meeting for the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Bible College
2018.09.27-28 Hosted the 4/14W Senior Leadership Conference (Upstate NY)
2018.10.30 Hosted Israel Theological Seminar (Lecturer: Dr. Erez Soref, Prof. Hyuk-Seung Kwon)
2018.11.18 Thanksgiving Sunday / Baptism (15 people)
2018.12.16 Yellow Handkerchief Evangelism Festival (lasts 10 years until 2027)
2018.12.30 Retirement Ceremony for the Elders (Cheol-hu Kim, In-hwa Jo, Pastors (Jung-soon Yoon, Young-sook Yoon))
2019.01.5 New Testament through reading on the 1st
2019.02.10 Promise Elders Choir (PEC) inauguration ceremony
2019.02.17-20 Youth Ecclesia resumed (17th term)
2019.04.17-21 Musical His Life Bilbao performance in Spain
(4,670 visitors, 280 people accepted, 38 people registered at the church)
2019.04.21-24 Resumption of Kids Ecclesia (9th period)
2019.05.28 Closing the sale of the Atlanta campus
2019.06.9 Joshua Mission launched
2019.07.3-5 Promise Family Summer Retreat
(Lecturer: Rev. Hee-Song Noh, Dr. Young-Sook Lee)
2019.07.8-21 Panama Football Mission
(320 members of the school, 150 members of the World Milal Choir participated)
2019.08.3 Senior Pastor EP 20 Years Retirement Celebration
(140 attendees, including President George Wood, just past General Assembly @ Orlando, FL)
2019.08.15-18 Musical His Life Mission (Bangkok, Thailand)

The Introduction of C.I.

CI: The outline of a window (window) shape

Just as a window is a channel of communication that connects the inside and outside of a building, it represents the purpose of the church’s existence, that is, the endless communication with the world, to deliver the unchangeable and eternal gospel to a rapidly changing world, and at the same time make this church a living room. Thus, it officially refers to the ‘4/14 Windows’ (window) movement that was born in the fall of 2009.

Numbers 4 & 14 inside the window

It refers to the age group of 4-14 years old that is receiving the most attention for missionary strategy today. They are not only the most receptive generation, but also the most effective generation of gospel truths they have experienced through technologies such as social media. Is known.

Green color

It symbolizes the refreshing next generation, the vitality flowing in the body of Christ, and the movement from light green to dark green signifies the dynamic expansion of the kingdom of God with the spiritual maturity of the whole family of Promises.